Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Microsoft Shares Your Pain

1% of bugs caused 50% of all incredible system errors.

Microsoft's error reporting system has reduced about 80% of system –as they say- errors which encouraged them to make a new way of error reporting.

Microsoft has evolved a new way of customer feedback system. The idea is that Microsoft knows how pain customers suffer when a failure happens in any of their systems. So, Microsoft's employees must share pain with customers.

Thus, WSYP project or We Share Your Pain. WSYP was developed by Microsoft team in United Kingdom. This project claims that Microsoft can discover which programmer who wrote the piece of code which is responsible for this failure. Then, cause him a physical pain. This is done by a special Aeron chair. So, instead of seeing a message of Send Error Report Don't Send the user will see a message of Share Pain Don't Share. Then the customer will happily choose one of the 3 options for punishing this programmer. And see a live video of the programmer sharing pain with him.

Option 1: Micro-Stun option

Electric shocks are generated through the chair arm sleeves.

Option 2: Micro-Impact option

The back of the chair releases back and thrusts forward into the person sitting, into the chair.

Option 3: Micro-Jab option

Watch it in the video.

There is also an ejection option to eject the programmers who have commutative serious bugs out of Microsoft.

Share and Don't Share message box.

Live video so that customers see the programmer cause their system to fail being punished with the selected option.

Micro stun in action

Ejection mechanism after serious errors

The video and the presentation can be found at:


A very interesting video

It's interesting to see how Microsoft feels customers' pains.
I have the video it's about 20MB

Microsoft believes that this system will reduce system errors massively.

And I think by know you don't care about being employed at Microsoft.


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