Friday, April 7, 2006

Why People Don’t Work Like Elevators?

Why People Don’t Work Like Elevators?

Your reaction to intensive signals is faster than less intensive ones.

Do you know why?
Do you understand?

Consider the following 2 examples:

You are in a hurry and waiting for the elevator what will you do?
You will push the elevator button strongly and repeatedly, but do you think that this will bring the elevator faster? In other words do you think that the elevator will respond to you faster in that way?
You may imagine that but absolutely that is never true.

Now if you shout at your friend then (s)he will respond to you faster than simply calling him so, why people don't work like elevators?

People respond to brighter light, louder sound faster than other this known as Pieron’s Law

Reaction Time is the time between the action and your response.

I is the physical intensity of the signal.
R0 is the minimum time for any response
K and b are constants that vary depending on the exact setup and the particular person involved.

A graphical representation showing last relation can be shown:

In fact, Pieron’s Law holds for the brightness of light, the loudness of sound, and even the strength of taste.

To see why, think of it like this: Pieron’s Law is a way of saying that the response time increases but at a decreasing rate, as the intensity.

Tom Stafford &
Matt Webb

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